Eco-design your
complex systems
by assessing
their environmental impact as soon as possible

The EcoPlex project guarantees digital continuity between design and life cycle analysis.

It provides a methodology and software based on open-sourced solutions Capella and OpenLCA.


LCA inventory data is taken
directly from the design model


Automatic initialization of the LCA model
saves hours of tedious typing


Time savings make it possible to carry out more LCAs,
and to identify the architecture with the least impact

Experienced in the Naval domain

The main stake of the EcoPlex project is to provide a methodological approach and a software solution to concile systems engineering (the discipline of complex systems architecture) with life cycle assessment (evaluation of the environmental impacts of a system throughout its whole lifecycle).

Applicable to other industrial sectors (automotive, aeronautics, energy, health, etc.), EcoPlex is first experienced on use-cases in the naval domain, on two boats that will collect plastics from the seas, the Mobula 8 and 10.

Imagined by Manta Innovation to meet the needs of the association The SeaCleaners (created by the navigator Yvan Bourgnon), these ocean cleaning boats will be designed and manufactured by Efinor Sea Cleaner.

A third experimentation will be conducted by SDI on an eco-designed passenger ship.

Ecodesign for Capella

The EcoPlex project made it possible for Obeo to develop Ecodesign for Capella, a new add-on enabling the ecodesign of complex systems with Capella

With this add-on, you can extend the architecture model of a system defined in Capella with data related to its lifecycle (raw materials used to build the system, the kind of transportation to convey the final product, the energy used during the different phases of the life cycle, the recycling of components, etc...). This model can be exported automatically to LCA tools such as OpenLCA to initialize an inventory.

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